The hottest pen on the market.

Say hello to your new best past time — The Pyropen

Pyrography ‘fire writing’, is the new art of creating beautiful designs on wood or leather using a hot metal point and it has taken people by storm!

— Written by Aaron Browne - Goodbuyco.

It has become the hottest art form of 2017 

Master the art of decorating wood, leather, paper, card and cork by wood burning and branding designs directly onto your material. It's a wonderfully contemporary craft that can achieve fantastically unique results

The process has been practiced by a number of cultures including the Egyptians and some African tribes since the dawn of recorded history.

Bring the ancient art of decorative wood burning right up to date with your very own pyrography pen and set you art alight with the possibilities.

one amazing pen - one million possibilities

so versatile, so cool and literally the hottest pen on the market right now and we think it is awesome!!

Perfect for fine jewelry 

Create the perfect necklace or ear rings for yourself or for gifts to a best friend. These really stand out and reflect you and your interests.

Cool Coasters for office coffee

Make the office unforgettable with these uber cool coasters. Or give them to your boss to make a lasting impression!

Amazing Pendants to charm

Why not set yourself up on Etsy and sell these lovely necklaces online? There are limitless possibilities.

This super fun craft activity is the perfect treat for yourself or perhaps a gift for a loved one to cherish your talent forever. 

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